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Calvary Chapel Magazine exists to glorify God and His Son Jesus Christ. We publish a quarterly magazine that presents testimonies of what God is doing through Calvary Chapels around the world. On this website, you will find videos and an archive of PDFs featuring articles and teachings found in the printed magazine. You may also order copies for your fellowship or purchase an individual subscription. Our prayer is that the Lord will use Calvary Chapel Magazine to draw you and others closer to Jesus Christ.

Because God Loves Refugees

Hundreds of Refugees in Hungary and Greece are hearing the truth about Jesus and are receiving Him as their Savior. This video shows how the Lord is using Calvary Chapels in Germany to reach out to the refugees.


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Calvary Chapel Magazine, A Tool For Ministry


The Pain of Human Trafficking—Issue 68



Did you know Calvary Magazine has 30+ videos that are FREE to watch, share and download? They can used on your church website, shared during service annoucements or in an outreach. They are also available for individuals to share with friends and dfamily via email and social media outlets. Share the Gospel and testimonies of God's love with a video. Visit our Vimeo video channel.

More About "The Neighborhood"

The NeighborhoodThe Neighborhood is a film that tells the story of four men who overcame the power of gang life by surrendering their lives to Jesus Christ. Now they’re going back into the “hood” with this message of hope.

Visit the film's website for more information.

You can order copies of the DVD at The Chapel Store.

Calvary Chapel Magazine has covered several of the men  documented in The Neighborhood. We have gathered these articles together for anyone interested in learning more about their lives, testimonies, and the way God has been working through them to reach the lost for Christ:

"The Neighborhood" Article Collection



pastor chuck issueCommemorative Issue

Highlights include: the memorial paddle out, the Jesus Movement, Calvary Chapel's expansion throughout the world, and Pastor Chuck's early days.

The Pastor Chuck issue is available online in PDF format.

A limited supply of this issue is available online in sets of 5 copies10 copies, 20 copies.

Or, you can get one copy by beginning a personal subscription to Calvary Chapel Magazine and requesting that your first issue be the Pastor Chuck commemorative issue. To do this, please email us
and give us your name, email, phone number, and address in addition to ordering a personal subscription from our online store.

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Using Calvary Chapel Magazine Effectively

Effective Ministry Guide smallUsing Calvary Chapel Magazine to Disciple Believers, Spread the Gospel in Your Community, and More

Calvary Chapel Magazine can be utilized to share and demonstrate the Gospel, disciple believers, encourage Christians to pray, connect them to the mission field, and more.

If you would like to learn more about effectively using the Magazine as a multi-faceted ministry tool, you can download our free printable guide in PDF format. You will need a printer capable of printing double sided. If you would rather read our guide on your computer or device, you may down our screen readable version instead. You may also send us an email requesting a copy with your address and we will be glad to mail you a printed booklet free of charge.


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