Summer 2014—Ukraine Preview

Announce the magazine’s arrival at your fellowship with our Video Preview. Please visit our video channel to download. CCM videos are available for embedding on your church website and downloading for sharing with others. Some churches share the 90-second issue preview videos during announcements.




Youth leader insert Aimee horEncourage youth to read & discuss the testimony of Aimee, a former Sikh. Click the image above to download suggested discussion questions or create your own questions.

After discussion, encourage the youth to give their copy of Calvary Chapel Magazine to a friend while inviting   them to youth group. The back of each magazine is a Gospel tract they can use to share with others.




Summer 2014 - On the Edge & Seeking God

Calvary Chapel Magazine's 60th issue, summer 2014, features two stories on how God is reaching and transforming young adults with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. One is On the Edge, a 5-week discipleship program. Another story testifies of a former Sikh's search for the true God.


CCM videos are available for embedding on your church website and downloading for sharing with others. Some churches use the 90 second videos during announcements. Visit our video channel to download this and other videos.





Pastor Saeed Abedini

aclj129 saeedabedini p web450wSaeed Abedini of CC Boise, ID, has been imprisoned in Iran since 2012. He and his wife, Naghmeh have ministered to many through their ordeal. Due to beatings he has endured, Saeed's health is deteriorating. Please pray for Saeed's release. For updates on his health and family, visit:

Photo courtesy of ACLJ


Persevering thourgh Persecution - Video




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Digital Magazine - Issue 2

The Digital Magazine is a complement to the print edition, featuring video interviews, audio testimonies, photo slideshows to music, and other interactive features. Issue 1 and two have been downloaded in over 30 countries so far! Some are:

Barbados, China, Colombia, Germany, Hungary, India, Japan, Norway, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Russia, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

Find the second issue here:




pastor chuck issue Commemorative Issue

Highlights include: the memorial paddle out, the Jesus Movement, Calvary's expansion throughout the world, and Pastor Chuck's early days.

A limited supply of this issue is available online in sets of 5 copies10 copies, 20 copies, or you can order a personal subscription. If you desire the first issue to begin with Pastor Chuck's commemorative issue #58, you must email us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and give us your name, email, phone number, and address in addition to completing the form provided by clicking on personal subscription.


Download Our Salvation Page

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 Many churches and individuals have contacted us requesting permission to reprint the salvation page, which is located on the back cover of each issue, for evangelism and outreach in their communities.You are welcome to use these PDFs we have prepared for that purpose. Click on a thumbnail image above to open the file, save it, and then print out as many copies as you require. For all other PDFs on this site, please contact us before reproducing in any quantity.



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Many people have expressed to us that they have been affected by our article about Trinity Jameson. We decided to post this story on our website so that those who do not have access to a printed copy can also read it. 

Trinity passed away in November 2012 after a 13-month battle with brain cancer. She spent half of her life dedicated to sharing Jesus through handmade tracts and conversations. Inspired by her example, her church continues to train and send out youngsters one Sunday morning per month to share Jesus. 

Please click the link below to open the article:

Trinity (PDF, 2.2 Megabytes)


Calvary Events

Using Calvary Chapel Magazine Effectively

effective_ministryUsing Calvary Chapel Magazine to Disciple Believers, Spread the Gospel in Your Community, and More

Calvary Chapel Magazine can be utilized to share and demonstrate the Gospel, disciple believers, encourage Christians to pray, connect them to the mission field, and more. If you would like to learn more about effectively using the Magazine as a multi-faceted ministry tool, you can download our free printable guide in PDF format. You will need a printer capable of printing double sided. If you would rather read our guide on your computer or device, you may down our screen readable version instead. You may also send us an email requesting a copy with your address and we will be glad to mail you a printed booklet free of charge.



Ministry Opportunities

Photography Workshops

  • Here are a list of links to photo resources available online: Getting the most out of your point and shoot camera - Read More...