Men at U-Turn for Christ pray.
Men at U-Turn for Christ pray.

Please Pray For This Ministry

Brethren, pray for us.
1 Thessalonians 5:25

Each day at our office begins with a time of prayer, in which we seek the Lord's guidance as we serve Him at Calvary Chapel Magazine. We appreciate all of the people who tell us that they also pray for this ministry. Without that support, this magazine would not be in existence. Thank you for lifting Calvary Chapel Magazine up to the Lord, and asking Him to use this publication for His glory. Pray that hearts will be open to the message of salvation and to the work He wants to do in our reader's lives.
In the back of each issue is a section called, "Praise & Prayer." We record the prayer requests of missionaries around the world, so that you can remember them in prayer as well. Please also pray for our sponsors and supporters, who help make this ministry possible with their financial support.
Also, follow us on social media. We periodically post prayer requests online.

Helping the Magazine Financially

Thank you for your generosity. We are so thankful that you have chosen to stand with this ministry and be a part of sharing with the world that God is still alive and working today. Your continued support is crucial as this ministry endeavors to glorify God and bring people to Christ while encouraging believers to answer the Lord's call on their lives.
If you would like to donate to Calvary Chapel Magazine online, please use the following link:
If you prefer, you may also either call us or mail us a check for the amount you want to give. We appreciate your gift.

Support our mission while reaching our audience

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Calvary Chapel Magazine Sponsor. Not only does this help support the ministry of Calvary Chapel Magazine, but it can benefit your ministry or business by connecting you with our readers. You can choose either a 1/4, 1/2, or full page message in return for being a sponsor. We will also recognize you on our website and through our social media channels. To learn more specifics about the benefits of being a Magazine sponsor, contact us.
We have a unique audience. Calvary Chapel Magazine is the official printed publication of Calvary Chapel. Over 800 churches receive this magazine, a total of around 36,000 copies per quarter. Many copies are re-circulated, as readers are encouraged to share their copy with others. Contact us and we would be glad to provide you with a full media kit.
We recognize that many ministries who want to reach out to Calvary Chapel Magazine readers do not have access to professional design services. That is not a problem. If you would like help putting together your design, we would be glad to do that for you for no additional charge. Just send us the text and images you want, and we will create it. Of course, you are welcome to work with your own designer; we will be glad to send you the specifications and assist you with all of the technical details.

Volunteer Opportunities

The staff of Calvary Chapel Magazine (CCM) is committed to excellence in our service. Would you pray about being a part of our team? If you feel the Lord is leading you to volunteer, please consider the specifications and opportunities below and contact us at Thank you for your interest in serving God and His people alongside us!

Volunteer Specifications: We are looking for strong believers who are actively pursuing a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, who live a balanced Christian lifestyle that is above reproach, and who demonstrate a heart to reach the lost and encourage believers. Additionally, we are seeking coachable individuals who are willing to respond humbly to guidance and feedback regarding their service. All our volunteer roles, except that of office assistant, can be performed from anywhere in the world.

Specific Opportunities

Professional Writers

Description  and requirements: Experienced writers who possess good interviewing, time management, and interpersonal skills. We are looking for self-starters who can conduct telephone or Skype interviews, have unlimited access to a computer and the Internet, and will adhere to established deadlines. Candidates should be willing to commit at least 10 hours per month and be receptive to guidance by an editor. In an inquiry email, please include links to three samples of your professional writing. Alternatively, paper publications may be sent to CCM’s mailing address. Please keep in mind that hard copies will not be returned.

Professional Photographers
Description  and requirements: Photojournalists who possess strong interpersonal skills, experience with a wide variety of lighting conditions, and proficiency with digital cameras. Candidates should possess their own well-maintained photographic equipment and be willing to adhere to CCM guidelines for photography, communication, and deadlines. Photographers also need to be flexible, detail oriented, and willing to go the distance to capture ministry in circumstances that are sometimes difficult. In an inquiry email, please include a link to your online portfolio or attach 40 samples of your professional photography.

Ministry Advocate
Description  and requirements: Advocates commit to share, for a period of one year, CCM’s ministry with those in their circle of influence. They also seek to find at least one opportunity during that year to speak about the magazine or to host a CCM information table at a church, conference, or outreach event. An advocate should hold to our Statement of Faith, agree to operate under the authority of CCM and its policies and procedures, and demonstrate the same commitment personally that he/she is asking of others by supporting the magazine financially and/or prayerfully.  

Website Designer/Manager
Description  and requirements: A website designer who can make regular updates to CCM's website. The ideal candidate will commit 10 hours a month to creating new content and updating existing content. Familiarity with HTML, Dreamweaver, Flash, and/or CMS would be helpful but is not essential; a firm commitment is more important than experience.

Office Assistant
Description and requirements: An office assistant with basic knowledge of computers, good interpersonal skills, and initiative. The person’s tasks will vary and include answering phones and responding to general questions, redirecting specific calls, supporting the staff with various needs, assisting with conference preparation, and quarterly shipping and billing. This is our only ministry opportunity that requires a specific location: Our office is in Fredericksburg, VA. Hours per week will vary depending on need and availability.

Spanish Translator
Description  and requirements: A translator who can translate CCM stories from English into Spanish for the online Spanish edition. We are looking for a skilled translator willing to commit 10 hours a month and meet deadlines. A candidate will need advanced writing skills in Spanish and excellent comprehension of English. He or she should have access to a computer, dictionaries and reference material, Microsoft Word, and the Internet.

Graphic Designer – Online Spanish Edition
Description  and requirements: An experienced graphic designer who can devote 10 hours a month to preparing the online Spanish edition of CCM. The designer will work with the translation team to take stories that have been translated from English to Spanish and flow them into Adobe InDesign layouts.