Please Pray For This Ministry

Men at U-Turn for Christ pray.
Men at U-Turn for Christ pray.

Brethren, pray for us.
1 Thessalonians 5:25

Each day at our office begins with a time of prayer, in which we seek the Lord's guidance as we serve Him at Calvary Chapel Magazine. We appreciate all of the people who tell us that they also pray for this ministry. Whether we are sending a journalist into a dangerous area, or facing technical issues on a tight deadline, this magazine would not exist without prayer. Thank you for lifting Calvary Chapel Magazine up to the Lord, and asking Him to use this publication for His glory. Pray that hearts will be open to the message of salvation and to the work He wants to do in our reader's lives.
Please also pray for our sponsors and supporters, who help make this ministry possible with their financial support:
In the back of each issue is a section called, "Praise & Prayer." We record the prayer requests of missionaries around the world, so that you can remember them in prayer as well. You can find those requests here:
Also, follow us on social media. We periodically post prayer requests online.