Frequently Asked Questions

When we meet people at a conference, talk with them on the phone, or read their emails, we have noticed that certain questions come up a lot. Here are a few of the most popular ones:

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  • Why isn't the Magazine free? Open or Close

    Our desire is that this publication would be available to everyone, but we are a non-profit ministry and must handle our limited resources carefully. The amount we ask for does not actually cover the full cost of producing the Magazine. Fortunately, we receive generous gifts from donors, and we have sponsors who also provide much needed financial resources. If your fellowship cannot afford to order the Magazine but you still want to receive it, please contact us.


  • Why isn't the current issue online? Open or Close

    The vision of Calvary Chapel Magazine has always been to be a printed publication. We have explored the idea of making Calvary Chapel Magazine available online, but at the moment, we have not found a way to do that effectively while still being faithful to providing a printed version. Although the internet is a powerful tool that is being used by many ministries successfully, we do not believe it replaces the need for a physical magazine that can be handed to someone personally. We know that some people prefer to receive all of their information online, and for those people there are many Christian resources available. Many of our articles are also available as short videos.


  • May I publish my article in Calvary Chapel Magazine? Open or Close

    Currently, we are not looking to publish unsolicited articles. You are welcome to inform us about what God is doing in your ministry, but our staff and volunteers write, edit, and photograph all the articles in the Magazine. If we sense the Lord directing us to cover your ministry, we will contact you.


  • May I volunteer to help the Magazine? Open or Close

    Photographers/Writers we would love to see your portfolio or samples of your photography/writing. Here is a link to our website page where the description and requirements for photographers are explained:

    Volunteer Opportunities

    Please read this page carefully and send us the necessary requirements. Our wish is the photographer/writer is committed to serving the Lord through this medium.


  • How do I order Calvary Chapel Magazine? Open or Close

    There are two main options for ordering the Magazine: Bulk Order or Personal Subscription.

    Bulk Order

    The bulk order is for those that want to receive 10 copies of the magazine (or more) each quarter. For most orders, the price is $2 a copy, plus shipping. To start receiving a Bulk Order, please contact us first. Send your church's full name, address (shipping and billing), the quantity of magazines you want to receive, phone number, and email address to:, or you can call us at (540) 373-7882. You will receive an invoice after you receive your first shipment of magazines.

    Personal Subscription

    The Personal Subscription is for those who want to receive one copy of each issue for a full year. The Magazine can be sent to you or to a friend as a gift. A yearly subscription is $28 in the U.S., $30 in Canada, and $35 for international (1 magazine each quarter). You can order online, mail us a check, or call us at (540) 373-7882. To order online use the following link: