Calvary Chapel Prayer Requests


One of the most popular features of Calvary Chapel Magazine is the list of prayer requests from Calvary Chapel missionaries working around the world. With the prayer requests in Adobe PDF format, you can easily search for who you want to pray for. You can also download the entire list to your computer, print it out, e-mail it to others, or send them to this page where they can download it for themselves.

Please contact us if you have difficulty using this file, and we will try to help you:

Missionary Prayer Requests (PDF)
(updated 5/22/2014, to include US based missionaries)



Robbie & Liz Gordon, Pago Pago—Tafuna Baptist Church; Liz’s schooling; us to put Jesus 1st & be able ministers of His new covenant; love, faith, humility, wisdom, & strength. Praise God for Abigail’s 8 years!

Andrew & Niki Russell, CC Melbourne—unity in the church; wisdom; revival; family; provision; leadership; evangelism; vision & direction.

Alex & Laura Lindsay, Schloss Heroldeck & City Chapel Klagenfurt—new City Chapel Klagenfurt church plant; leaders, spiritual servants, love, unity, resources, & spiritual gifts; wisdom for kids’ schooling.
Ivan & Michelle Ibbotson, CC Salzburg—larger church meeting place & home; upcoming outreaches; God’s wisdom & provision.
Daniel & Petra Ornelas, CC Salzburg—helpers for the children’s ministry; new nursery group; youth; children; summer outreaches. Praise God for adding to the church!
Ken & Michi Meyer, CC Vienna—church retreat June 6-9 to be truly blessed; young men to sign up for our hiking discipleship week in July.

Erik & Magdalena Aguilar, CC Los Tambos, Cayo District—God’s vision for summer outreach to village youth; wisdom with growth in church. Praise God for visible fruit!
Lighthouse Christian Radio Ministry, San Pedro—desperate need for staff, missionaries, & volunteers; wisdom for direction of ministry. Praise God for listeners’ responses!
Isaac Dueck, Horizon Radio, Spanish Lookout—provision, timing, logistics, & clear direction on nationwide broadcast coverage. Praise God for permission granted by government!
Rudy & Rachel Plett, Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship, Spanish Lookout—logistics on new sanctuary project; right weather, etc.; direction in reaching Shipyard Mennonite Colony.

Adriane Moura, Curitiba, Paraná—churches here; God to use us mightily to proclaim His Word to the spiritually lost; outreaches during World Cup (June-July). Praise God for using us for His glory & honor.
Tom & Luciana Stowe, CC Curitiba—fruitful training courses; more leaders; men who can teach; desire for prayer in church; women at prayer; World Cup outreaches. Praise God for men being raised up.
Larry & Karen Lyon, CC Brazil, Rio De Janeiro—God to give us peace-filled wisdom, clear leading, provision, & joy as we continue making disciples & training leaders in Brazil.

Holly Dziedzickie, Water of Life (women’s ministries) & CC Phnom Penh—new church bldg.; protection in red light district outreaches; those with emotional problems to allow Jesus in to heal them.
Kurt & Kendall Kula, CC Phnom Penh—abundant grace upon our church; God to raise up many spiritual servants to do the work of the ministry.
Steven & Annie Sutton, Water of Life, Phnom Penh—God’s timing on move to village; continued outreach opportunities in our neighborhood. Praise God for our healthy newborn daughter, Jasmine!
Kit & Ream Carson, A Heart for Wisdom School, Takeo—Wisdom regarding expansion into high school level grades.

Dejan & Julie Buljovcic, CC church plant, Edmonton—fruitful summer evangelism; converts; God’s blessing on our fellowship; steady & healthy growth; partners with us in ministry.
Azcari & Luticia Loyo Nouche, CC Montreal—our fellowship to always be Spirit-led; God to clearly lead our missionaries (Millettes) where to serve next. Praise God Sarah Millette’s pregnancy is going well.
Cameron & Heather Wathen, Calvary Victoria, BC—outreaches; baptism; camp-out; rest; provision; a worship leader. Praise God for the new church location.

Ryan & Korina Slabach, CC San Isidro—women’s ministry; fruitful evangelism; discipleship of Ngöbe people; equipping locals; grace in new marriage; car; church body. Praise God for bringing us together.

Ben & Emily Spector, CC Čakovec—direction for our future; Croatian worship CD; the youth; revival.

Jonathan & Katie Doub, church plant, Kyrenia—leading of the Spirit on when & where to start a Bible study; favor with govt. officials concerning the work here; us to learn Turkish quickly.

Milan & Zita Tachecí, church plantingPraise God for new location; bringing visitors; protecting the sheep from descending darkness; health, strength, protection, & provision; filling the empty chairs.

Jared & Steph Clements, Barahona—refreshing furlough; summer mission teams; people to respond to the Word; new believers to stand & walk in truth.

David & Kathy Knepper, Iglesia Gracia Divina, Santa Ana—fruitful ministries; hearts that follow His will; fruitful times with summer teams; provision & protection (Isaiah 54:17).

Loren & Jeanna Combs, CC by the Sea, Bridlington—coworkers: worship leader, assistant pastor; a new building; salvation of locals; maturing of believers.
Conor & Hannah Berry, Calvary Bristol—us to be used continually as salt & light; a continued presence in the Univ. culture; more salvations; intimacy with the Holy Spirit; love that saturates all that we do & say.
Bob & Jeanne Claycamp, CC Exeter—grace to balance ministry needs with family time; leadership teams developed at Wotter Community Church & CC Exeter; SoM in Sept.; a larger facility near the Univ.
Michael & Theresa Howard, Harrogate—people to come to Christ; His blessings upon outreaches; church to grow deeper in Christ; a building. Praise God for blessed ladies’ retreat.
Doug & Lisa Keen, CC Hastings—more open doors to share the Gospel; more boldness to preach; more souls to be saved.
Jeff & Mary Hicks, Calvary South Lakes, Kendal—wisdom; Spirit-filling; minds to be healed, transformed, & renewed.
Matt & Dianna Kottman, Disciples Church, Leatherhead—our leaders in training & as they lead the church for eight weeks this summer; our summer trip back to the US.
Chuck & Anita Saunders, Oxford—salvation & healing of a couple with MS; much fruit from ladies’ Bible study at Baptist church; healing of Bennet’s heart & the G-tube to be able to be removed.
Stephen & Carolyn Kennedy, CCBC York—God’s grace & provision as we continue to teach & make disciples at CCBC York. Praise God for changed lives & spiritually fruitful ministry.
Dave & Nancy Sylvester, CC York—July Tour De France (Yorkshire leg) outreach; summer outreaches to Hull & villages; salvation of souls; raising up of anointed ministry leaders.

Shaun & Megan Havelaar, Ebenezer Grace Children’s Home—the church body to be edified by what God is doing; God to use us during our furlough. Praise God for outreach teams coming.

Steve & Laura Cyr, church planting, Bourges—move, set up, & adaptation to France; hearts of the French to turn to Jesus. Praise God for provision; traveling mercies with our son, Liam Jeremy.
Daniel & Jennifer Flores, CC Lyon—church prayer ministry; affordable Christian-owned apartment; planning/praying for coaches to help with regional Baseball-Softball Clinic outreach (little league/adult).
Pierre & Nancy Petrignani, CC Nice—evangelism & work teams in May & June; fresh filling; deeper, serving relationships; raise up elders. Praise God for home groups; Feb. pastors’ wives retreat; provision.
Tonio & Lindsey Petrignani, CC Nice—Lindsey’s 10-year visa; direction since La Pépinière program closed. Praise God French tax status legit!
Mike & Becky Dente, CC Paris—provision; good health; more workers; Holy Spirit’s empowering; salvation of souls. Praise God for provision; health; helpers; outreaches; awesome pastor’s wives conf.

Gary & Tina Barrow, CC Ansbach—outpouring of Spirit; continued growth; God’s vision, wisdom, & direction; open doors; our family; provision; health. Praise God for His blessings.
Robert & Barbara Thomason, CC Darmstadt—guidance regarding the possibility of having a Franklin Graham crusade here.
Rolf & Regina Crede, CC Lippstadt—continual growth in health of church; grace in starting a youth group; spiritual intimacy in fellowship; visa renewals.

Travis & Kristin Spencer, Athens—safe travels to the U.S.; paperwork; a fruitful furlough; health for the family; grace with govt.

Huguener & Betty Bastia, CC Caneille—June lay pastor conf.; July VBS; youth to have spiritual growth & passion for Jesus; Holy Spirit revival; strength, wisdom, protection, & health for us.
Brian & Sophia McDaniel, Cross to Light, Port-au-Prince—students & graduates that went out & planted churches; filling & overflowing of Holy Spirit for Charles, Jonas, Joseph, Julio, Leo, Wilny, & Ysrael!

Jon & Marillyn Beard, Rancho Oasis for Youth, Ojojona—family interning for a month; move to new property. Praise God for infrastructure’s provision at new property.
Chris & Maria Rivera, Pena Blanca—wisdom in future plans; strength & wisdom as Honduran nationals take leadership of the church; continued resources. Praise God for answered prayer.
Chuck & Tia Laird, CC Roatan—jobs; craft store opening; marriages; new projector; ministry training; protection from watered down, poisoned teachings. Praise God for many believers growing & stepping up.

Ildi Bacsko, CC Budapest—anointing, love, & wisdom for women’s study & radio show based on it; many women to learn to love Jesus & His Word; healing from cancer.
Norbi & Rachel Lakatos, Budapest—peace in the Ukraine; wisdom for Anna in algebra & relief from headaches; strength for another possible move.
Mark & Gabriella Beckwith, Kecskemet—this new season of uncertainty; our family & marriage. Praise God for growth in study in Lakitelek & here; work in the jails; He is in control & knows all things!
Kyle & Odi Eckhart, CC Szeged—spiritual growth in church during summer; more people involved in service; open doors to share the Gospel; provision.
Caleb & Kim Beller, CCBCE, Vajta—continued filling of His Spirit; language; our kids’ hearts; going into all Hungarian-speaking schools in the fall; wisdom to lead AVFL & Bible College.
Lisa Collins, CCBCE, Vajta—lasting spiritual fruit from our upcoming summer tour in the U.S. called, “A Story of Grace” sharing at churches in FL & CA; God’s wisdom, grace, & Holy Spirit overflowing; AVFL.
Phil & Joy Metzger, CC Budapest, CCBCE, Vajta—the writing of a book, A Story of Grace, about what God has done in Eastern Europe over the last 20+ years & for it to bring God glory.
Peter & Krisztina Mozbauer, CC Győr—looking to Jesus; Lord’s healing touch upon Peter with the terminal cancer diagnosis; grace for Kriszti as she carries a heavy burden; our children and their walk with God.

Rudy & Sharon Torres, PTA, Assam—open doors for Bible teaching & seminars; God to bless tracts. Praise God for completed translation of Yesterday, Today, Forever tract & new Gospel Card series.

Randy & Deb Denham, Brandon & Yunita Ingram, STL Intl., Kupang—protection; unity; breakthroughs in training up nationals. Praise God for healing, protection, unity, & spiritual fruit.

Rick & Cindy Johnston, Harvest, Ballymena—unity & growth in church body at Harvest; effectiveness of ministry in primary schools; smooth visa process. Praise God for blessing our trip to the U.S.
Ricky & Jody Ponce, Calvary Cork—our transition from Germany to here; part-time job for Ricky; opportunities to reach skateboarding community. Praise God for providing an apartment & a car!
Shawn & Deanna Tebbe, CC Dublin—much lasting spiritual fruit from summer teams; a worship leader; a bldg. Praise God for raising up leaders/elders; Easter outreach teams & summer teams!
Jon & Carrie Langley, Calvary School of Ministry, Waterford—students to grow in God’s grace; the right students to come in the fall; summer furlough plans; provision; health.

David Downs, CC church plant, Ferrara—church association in Italy; evangelism & open doors; a team to grow in God’s time; favor in meeting place; provision; unity. Praise God for meeting place.
Dean Malispina, CCBC, Montebelluna—God to do a fresh work in staff & students. Praise God for the opportunity to have a Bible college here!
Craig & Silvana Quam, CC Montebelluna & CC Feltre—Pastor Craig’s health; leaders serving in his absence, Silvana, Abigail, Joshua, & Josiah.
Jim & Margie Stewart, CC Padova—helpers to join us in the work; a church building; salvations. Praise God for the new people we have met & witnessed to.
Vincenzo & Antonella Cotroneo, Rome—Ostia/ Acilia area, a very wide & highly populated part of Rome close to the beach.

Tommy & Joanna Ruiz, Jr., CCBCJ, Ginowan—SoS outreaches; church plant in Tohoku area; Tokyo campus moving to Fukaoka; future steps of faith throughout Japan; fall students.
Rich & Emi Giddens, J’s Café church plant, Ishinomaki—volunteers to help with café; Chinese outreach; reopening event of tsunami-damaged elementary school event. Praise God for His faithfulness!
Gordon and Kyna Reisdorf, Nishinomiya—new contacts; opportunities to preach; homeschooling; friendships & quiet time with the Lord. Praise God for relationships with local families & school.
Steve & Michiyo Lorenz, Golgotha Sapporo—revival; God to heal & restore this fellowship; Anezaki, Kobayashi, Mami, Masuya, Miwa, Nao, & Naoko. Praise God for Momoko.
Kiyomasa & Taeko Akashi, Logos Christian Fellowship, Tokyo—summer baptism; equipping saints; discipling new believers; worship & children ministry; missions overseas at Bible school in June.

Randy & Kari Saul, discipleship, Kisii—Kenya to be changed by God’s Word; new term beginning in July. Praise God for a successful 2nd term.
Paul & Marcia Cowley, Disciple Support Ministries, Nairobi—two Bible Schools in urban slums for 300+ pastors & ministry leaders; gifted, seasoned full-time Bible teachers & admin asst.
Ruth Deam, Consider Jesus Ministries, Nairobi—my immigration process; ministries in my absence; Grace, Margaret, & Fred. Praise God for meeting spiritual, emotional, & physical needs; provision.

Mike & Hye-Young Loudermilk, CC Daejeon—an outpouring of God’s Spirit. Praise God for open door to minister to more than 100 college students weekly.

Jeff & Rachael Harry, Diamond in the Rough, Malisheve—high school summer camp; discipleship in homes; loving community. Praise God for adding to the church thru times of great trial.

Steve & Nora Braselton, CC SoM, Ruth’s Shawl Ministry, Lilongwe—safe arrival of supplies; village outreaches; correspondence & paperwork; provision to begin Ruth’s Shawl Pavilion construction in May.

Daniel & Ana Jones Rancho Maranatha Alamos, Sonora—much fruit from the evangelistic group coming in May; 2 Thessalonians 3:1-4; fruitful endeavors; maranatha.
Garrie & Jackie Price, CC Safe Harbor, Cabo San Lucas, Baja Sur—Spirit-filled worship leader; God’s love to overflow church & community; permanent structure; couple to join us; safety from hurricanes.
Angie Velasco, evangelism & discipleship thru Bible stories, Cuernavaca—wisdom as I start a Bible story team here; faithful women to train; good rest & sleep every night.
Jay & Maria Bentley, CC Durango—provision for radio equipment to start our own radio station & to purchase our current church building.
Manuel Hernandez, Capilla Calvario El Limon Jalisco—jobs & strength for new believers as they go thru trials; salvation of the kids & young adults; us to abide in God’s love & fulfill His calling. Praise God for His wonderful grace, provision, & care.
Jonathan & Evelyn Domingo, CC Horizonte, Ensenada—creation of the new Horizonte Ministries central office.
Juan & Tania Domingo, CC Horizonte, Ensenada—my autobiography to bless readers. Praise God our book The Adventures of Juan Domingo is now available at Calvary Distribution.
Tim & Kathy Fox, CC church plant, Guanajuato—support needs; visas; safe travel; a home to rent.
Eben Browne, Ronn & Laury Remai, CC Los Cabos—His sanctifying work in these perilous times. Praise God for hope in His prophetic Word.

Bill & Renee Martin, Puerto Vallarta—Abby helping with kids & Renee at home; Estie finishing at CCBC; Micah helping on worship team. Praise God for growth; people being raised up; the helpers.

Paul & Maura Cathey, CC Sayulita—God’s blessing on the building project; God to build His church both spiritually & physically. Praise God for providing for the land!

Celeste Yohai, Amsterdam—May trip to Southern California; provision; a place for Cooper; opportunities to share.
Stan & Marnie Marinussen, Cross Culture CC, Hoofddorp—guidance, wisdom, & fruit in setting up biblical counseling training ministry in May; lasting fruit from May ministry conf. in Siegen, Germany.

Rob & Betsy Bradshaw, Wycliffe Bible Translators—preps for return to field in July. Praise God for needed support; good progress on checking thru Doromu-Koki Romans translation & dictionary.

Brian & Kathy Hughes, CC Auckland—wisdom, knowledge, & understanding of God’s will; a pastor for CC Christchurch; Bible in public schools; open doors; children wanting Jesus; enemies silenced.

Cal & Jessie Stuebner, CC Managua—God to provide for our school; recently baptized people to grow spiritually; God to restore relationships between church attendees.

Prince & Florence, CC Jikwoyi, Abuja—strength; wisdom; grace; laborers; growth; provision; healing; protection against terrorism; CC One-Man Village; Gboko; Ibadan; Jos; Lagos. Praise God for grace.

Ricardo & Lillian Monteiro, Grimerud/Ottestad—wisdom to lead next Justice DTS & to see a new generation of Norwegians raised up; provision. Praise God for our 2 years in Norway.

Bert & Veronica Almazan, CC Panama, La Chorrera—continued growth for the leaders God has raised up; upcoming mission teams.
Roberto Torres, CC Chiriqui, Horconcitos—God to equip & raise up national leaders; construction of church bldg.; continued growth for the church body; more laborers; wisdom & direction in new ministry.

Brian & Betty Vander Kodde, Iglesia Cristiana Koinonia, Lima—July outreaches in the deep jungle of Peru. Praise God for growth in the church; more doors open for ministry.

Joe & Billie Rosmarino, CC Bacolod—God’s anointing on summer teams as they share the Gospel message throughout the city. Praise God for His blessings.
David Matthews, Bicol—camps & radio ministry; growth of local leaders; guidance on possible church plants in Legazpi City & Napao, Cagraray Island.
Tom & Sheilani Maxwell, Shepherd’s Heart CC, Cebu—men’s discipleship program; Titus2Men; SoM; summer teams; Extravaganza 8 (outreach to 1,000+ children); health.
Boy & Jane Borbajo, Word for Today, Dumaguete—the church plants; our relationship to our Master to be always strengthened; reopening of the radio, television, & JESUS film projects.
Theresa Frazier, Dumaguete—salvation of health clinic workers; faithfulness in tutoring, hospital preaching, & prayer; fruitfulness in teaching ESL/Bible to 6th graders in the public school.
Arlene Jones, Uma Koinonia & Mapina Faith Centers, Masbate—wisdom & direction for leaders; provision for remote outreaches; good weather & harvest; protection & physical strength of workers.
Andreas & Carmela Schmid, Mission Good News, Morong Bataan—God’s Word to spread rapidly & glorify Him. Praise God for honor of spreading the Good News among the Aeta tribes.
Erlinda Betchie Pasagui Ashworth, House of Grace Children Ministry, Muntinlupa—our 8 foster kids to grow in the grace & knowledge of God. Praise God for all He is doing in our ministry.
Chette & Araceli Nichols, Puerto Princesa, Palawan—wisdom on how to help our son James with his learning disability; our church plant here.
Ron & Tes Brown, U-Turn for Christ, Brgy San Joaquin, W. SamarPraise God for the many gifted & humble servants who came to help after the devastation of Typhoon Yolanda.

Ioan & Dina Creanga, Drobeta Turnu Severin—provision, protection, wisdom, licensing, & a place for a Christian radio station; fruitful hospital, jail, & village ministries; Bible study groups to grow; salvations.

David & Deborah Markey, church plant, Siberia—temporary residency; youth soccer outreach; wisdom, including where to start; God to do a great work in Yamal; hearts to be open to receiving the Gospel.

Brandon & Wendi Grayson, Caribbean Christian Fellowship—a season of rest as we recover from busyness. Praise God for an incredible Festival of Life; 2000+ people heard the Gospel presentation.

Scott & Danielle Key, Cornerstone, Shotts—our family; expansion of our home; planning of outreach events; us to make an impact on many lives.

Taiwo & Zuza Onasoga, CC Backa Topola—more ministry workers; God to refresh His church here; protection in our town; health for the church body.
Danijel & Wendy Zahorjanski, church plant, Kragujevac—believers to grow spiritually; church growth; boldness to share the Gospel. Praise God we started church services in Jan.

Sam & Michelle McCartney, CC Celje—Michael’s piano/guitar & youth ministry; evangelism & Bible studies in Razbor; church plant preps; provision for Univ. Praise God for Megan’s acceptance to Liberty.

Julian & Monica Duguid, CC Kommetjie—Spirit’s power, leading, & guidance in teaching, & students’ growth, discernment & application as we minister; family protection & enabling to bless others.
Chad & Heather Naaktgeboren, CC Johannesburg—God’s provision to build a new church building. Praise God for His blessings; people growing in the love & knowledge of God.
Doug & Christine Search, KwaZulu-Natal church plant—God’s guidance, wisdom, & provision; visas; housing; health & insurance; prayer & support from other CCs; our family back home.

Far Reaching Ministries—this country as rebel attacks have killed thousands, & hundreds of thousands have fled, living as refugees.

Ivan & Eunice Martos, CC Rincón de la Victoria, Malaga—summer camps; children’s choir concerts; provision for building improvements; salvation of souls. Praise God for His faithfulness.

Dana & Cindy Bratton, CC at the Bridge, PhuketPraise God for the team doing evangelism here in Feb., & the many souls saved.
Sharon Porterfield, Southern Karen State, Thai/ Burma border—many salvations during summer youth camp; direction for Bible school students in serving. Praise God disciples are discipling others.

James & Mele Baxley, Mission Tonga, Nuku’alofa—provision to begin FM Broadcast ministry & return to Tonga; mercy. Praise God for new converts; saints encouraged; Tongan Bible now on PC/Android!

Alyosha Satenko, CC Kyiv—peace in the Ukraine; people to turn to Jesus in this difficult time. Praise God for evangelism/outreach opportunities; SoM; National conf.
Dennis & Georgia Janisse, L’viv—more open doors for Dennis to teach at L’viv Theological Seminary & schedule more ministry training seminars with CC affiliates in Ukraine.
Mike Pratt, New Horizons, L’viv—God to use the political changes to spread the Gospel; wisdom, courage, & discernment for leaders; God to help us be prepared to face future changes & challenges.
Benjamin & Lena Morrison, CC Svitlovodsk—peace & freedom here; people to turn to Jesus in this difficult time; summer outreaches; God to raise up leaders; missionaries (Gurzhiys) sent out in March.
Marilyn Gibbs, CC Ternopil—peace here; Jesus to be glorified amidst of political crisis; wisdom for teaching; completion of church building; God’s provision.
George & Sharon Markey, CC Ternopil—salvation & provision for H.; wisdom & salvation of govt. here; Spirit’s leading to take advantage of spiritual openness.
David & Katya Snead, Western Ukraine—fruit with youth, web, & worship ministry; David’s seminary studies; Katya’s work with girls & translation.

Sergio, Silvia & Giovanni Perelli, Montevideo—provision for a building suitable for church services & SoM. Praise God the first CC plant in this country is in progress!

Restricted Countries in:

Mike & Valerie, CC Izmir—Sun. study Bornova; Wed. women’s study; new study with Turkish student doing thesis on spread of Christianity; many to be delivered from power of darkness.
Paul & Wendy, Dove Creek Resources—Laurel as she comes to teach English this fall. Praise God for your prayers; our coffee shop; new believers growth.

Al & Cecilia, CCCM—borders, health, strength, & help in feeding His people! Praise God for so many hungering for His Word.
Jesse & Mallori—open border; successful trips; provision for Bibles; endurance, joy, blessing on family. Praise God for our new 1-year visas.
Tim & Trudy—relocation of people & volunteers after OFH closed; TC’s adoption (9 yrs. & adoption still not granted) so he can go see his grandfather in the U.S. before it’s too late.

Mike & Amberlea—sharing; teaching; discipleship; provision for our permanent visas. Praise God for protecting us; bringing peace to Nepal.

P S, In His Grace Min., Brukim Habaim—fruitful outreaches in Israel, Rwanda, Turkey, & Uganda; favor with Bible distributions; effective speaking/ teaching; salvations; God to be glorified.
Stephen & Pat Apple, CC Tel Aviv & church plants in Haifa & Bat Yam—wisdom for training grads to start a Bible study & minister to the poor in Bat Yam; wisdom for those in training now.

United States:

Bob & Geri Boyd, Issues in Education, Prescott, Arizona—God to be glorified in our lives; true followers to become active in this cultural/spiritual war for the soul of our nation.
Dan & Debbie Finfrock, Intensive Care Ministries, Mentone, California—visa approval; open doors to visit India.
Lauren Phillips, Intl. Outreaches, CC Boise, Idaho—health, safety, & witness of Pastor Saeed while in chains for Christ in Iran; health, traveling mercies, open doors & boldness in witnessing for Saeed’s wife Naghmeh; friends & family of Saeed who had to flee Iran & are now seeking refuge in other countries; our Calvary Chapel (indigenous) pastors & evangelists spreading the Gospel thru church planting & children’s outreaches in slums & impoverished villages in 12 Indian states in the midst of daily persecution, especially those working in the more radical north; God’s wisdom & health for Pastor Guna & his wife Victoria as they serve & lead these pastors and their wives; our 525 orphan children living in 11 orphanages—many of whom suffer from the effects of HIV/AIDS.
Nolan & Marie Schockey, Servant Senders, El Paso, Texas—provision; more sponsors for kids & students; new candidates; jobs for Carlos, Isaac, Lalo, & Samuel; a roof for the church in Carlos’ house; a job & ministry as Curtis & Chelly move to Canon City, CO; a vehicle for Erick & his family; a room to be added to Isaac’s house; a van for Pepe’s family & ministry; Lorenzo, Ricardo, & Rogelio & their families.
Jim & Shonda Davis, Pastoral Training of Asia, Laguna Niguel—more missionaries for all Asian countries, as hearts are open, yet there are very few workers. Praise God for 27 years of ministry with CCCM.
Neal & Yvonne Pirolo, Emmaus Road International, San Diego—movie from “I Think God Wants ME to be a Missionary”. Praise God for new book, “Internationals Who Live Among Us: Doing World Missions at Home”.